This music mix was created to celebrate all manifestations of LOVE to unlock our potential to live Heaven on Earth. I invite you to join me for this collective performance of LOVE to remind us of our true SELF as LOVE that was never born and never dies.

Here is my reflection on the path of LOVE… It was believed that no life would ever grow again in Hiroshima after the atomic-bombing. However, the most targeted places within the city are the most lush and beautiful today. Mother Earth continues to forgive the actions from the reckless nature of our lower self to regenerate our shadows into nutrients to evolve us into our higher SELF. Similarly, our mother’s heart and lymph transform the waste we produced into fresh blood with oxygen and nutrients to grow us from an embryo. The frequency of this unconditional LOVE resonated in her womb to create our heart as the first organ. We are conscious creations of LOVE. After birth, our lymph levitates towards the heart as our lymph hearts reopen after each closure to create an aerial performance of LOVE that defies the gravity of fear. The going gets tough whenever our heart is closed by judgement and fear. When one warrior of LOVE is willing to fight for the heart to reopen over and over to receive both damaged cells and nourishing nutrients from the lymph, it ignites the courage for authenticity among the audience to join the performance of LOVE to transform life with higher consciousness. Water evaporates into the air and condensates back down to liberate itself from what is not LOVE. We can rise like water vapor in the frequency of LOVE when we let go of what no longer serves us and use the lessons learned for our highest evolution. LOVE is omnipresent like the moisture in the air that condensates into rain to wash away debris, fill the vase to quench our thirst, and overflow beyond the vase to imbue the Earth with life again. When our lower self is fully empty and open like the vase to receive, it allows LOVE to fill our life with inner peace, which then overflows to engender human unity and world peace. Aquarius is often depicted as a larger-than-life, mythical being pouring water out of a vase to bestow life upon the land. We experience LOVE wherever we go when unity consciousness emerges from the duality consciousness of water (aqua) and air (arius) to embrace all corners of the world during the Aquarian Age. The time has come to let LOVE rebirth each one of us from reuniting East, West, North and South, darkness and light, spirt and matter, our lower self and higher SELF, and inner/divine masculine and feminine.